3.2 Ensure CONNECT permissions on the 'guest' user is Revoked within all SQL Server databases excluding the master, msdb and tempdb

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This audit has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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Remove the right of the guest user to connect to SQL Server databases, except for master, msdb, and tempdb.


A login assumes the identity of the guest user when a login has access to SQL Server but does not have access to a database through its own account and the database has a guest user account. Revoking the CONNECT permission for the guest user will ensure that a login is not able to access database information without explicit access to do so.


When CONNECT permission to the guest user is revoked, a SQL Server instance login must be mapped to a database user explicitly in order to have access to the database.


The following code snippet revokes CONNECT permissions from the guest user in a database. Replace <database_name> as appropriate:

USE <database_name>;

Default Value:

The guest user account is added to each new database but without CONNECT permission by default.

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