1.5.2 Ensure 'Modal Trust Decision Only' is set to Disabled


This policy setting controls how Access notifies users about untrusted components. The recommended state for this setting is: Disabled. By default, when users open an untrusted Access database that contains user-programmed executable components, Access opens the database with the components disabled and displays the Message Bar with a warning that database content has been disabled. Users can inspect the contents of the database, but cannot use any disabled functionality until they enable it by clicking Options on the Message Bar and selecting the appropriate action. The default configuration can be changed so that users see a dialog box when they open an untrusted database with executable components. Users must then choose whether to enable or disable the components before working with the database. In these circumstances users frequently enable the components, even if they do not require them. Executable components can be used to launch an attack against a computer environment.


To implement the recommended configuration state, set the following Group Policy setting to Disabled. User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Access 2016\Tools | Security\Modal Trust Decision Only Impact: Disabling this setting enforces the default configuration for Access, and so is unlikely to cause usability issues. However, this functionality has changed from previous versions of Access.

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References: 800-53|CM-7(2)

Plugin: Windows

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