2.2.33 Ensure 'Lock pages in memory' is set to 'No One'


This policy setting allows a process to keep data in physical memory, which prevents the system from paging the data to virtual memory on disk. If this user right is assigned, significant degradation of system performance can occur.

The recommended state for this setting is: No One.

Note: A Member Server with Microsoft SQL Server installed will require a special exception to this recommendation for additional SQL-generated entries to be granted this user right.


Users with the Lock pages in memory user right could assign physical memory to several processes, which could leave little or no RAM for other processes and result in a DoS condition.


None - this is the default behavior.


To establish the recommended configuration via GP, set the following UI path to No One:

Computer Configuration\Policies\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment\Lock pages in memory

Default Value:

No one.

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