Ensure 'Manage preview builds' is set to 'Enabled: Disable preview builds'


This policy setting determines whether users can access the Windows Insider Program controls in Settings -> Update and Security. These controls enable users to make their devices available for downloading and installing preview (beta) builds of Windows software.

The recommended state for this setting is: Enabled: Disable preview builds.


It can be risky for experimental features to be allowed in an enterprise managed environment because this can introduce bugs and security holes into systems, making it easier for an attacker to gain access. It is generally preferred to only use production-ready builds.


Preview builds are prevented from installing on the device.


To establish the recommended configuration, set the following Device Configuration Policy to Enabled: Disable preview builds

To access the Device Configuration Policy from the Intune Home page:

Click Devices

Click Configuration profiles

Click Create profile

Select the platform (Windows 10 and later)

Select the profile (Custom)

Click Create

Enter a Name

Click Next

Configure the following Setting

Name: <Enter name>
Description: <Enter Description>
OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Update/ManagePreviewBuilds
Data type: Integer
Value: 1

Select OK

Continue through the Wizard to complete the creation of the profile (profile assignments, applicability etc.)

Note: More than one configuration setting from each of the Configuration profiles (ex: Administrative Templates, Custom etc.) can be added to each Device Configuration Policy.

Default Value:

Disabled. (Preview builds are not installed on the device, unless the user opts-in through Settings -> Update and Security)

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