1.1.11 Ensure that the etcd data directory permissions are set to 700 or more restrictive

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This audit has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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Ensure that the etcd data directory has permissions of 700 or more restrictive.


etcd is a highly-available key-value store used by Kubernetes deployments for persistent storage of all of its REST API objects. This data directory should be protected from any unauthorized reads or writes. It should not be readable or writable by any group members or the world.




On the etcd server node, get the etcd data directory, passed as an argument --data-dir, from the below command:

ps -ef | grep etcd

Run the below command (based on the etcd data directory found above). For example,

chmod 700 /var/lib/etcd

Default Value:

By default, etcd data directory has permissions of 755.

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