8.1.1 Set 'Java permissions' to 'Enabled:Disable Java'


This policy setting allows you to manage permissions for Java applets. If you enable this
policy setting, you can choose options from the drop-down box. Select Custom to control
permissions settings individually. Low Safety enables applets to perform all
operations. Medium Safety enables applets to run in their sandbox (an area in memory
outside of which the program cannot make calls), plus capabilities like scratch space (a safe
and secure storage area on the client computer) and user-controlled file I/O. High
Safety enables applets to run in their sandbox. Disable Java to prevent any applets from
running. If you disable this policy setting, Java applets cannot run. If you do not configure
this policy setting, the permission is set to High Safety. The recommended state for this
setting is- Enabled-Disable Java.


Java applications could contain malicious code, sites located in this security zone are more
likely to be hosted by malicious people.


To establish the recommended configuration via Group Policy, set the following UI path to

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Internet
Explorer\Internet Control Panel\Security Page\Internet Zone\Java permissionsThen set the Java permissions option to Disable Java.

Default Value-High Safety

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Audit Name: CIS IE 11 v1.0.0


References: 800-53|CM-7a.

Plugin: Windows

Control ID: fde92b2e746f3a49191b5163a83cbe49cf871fa7cc8fc6f8b04387f0f4390f9a