10.17 Setting Security Lifecycle Listener - check for config component

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The Security Lifecycle Listener performs a number of security checks when Tomcat starts and prevents Tomcat from starting if they fail.


When enabled, the Security Lifecycle Listener can

Enforce a blacklist of OS users that must not be used to start Tomcat.

Set the least restrictive umask before Tomcat start


Uncomment the listener in $CATALINA_BASE/conf/server.xml. If the operating system supports umask then the line in $CATALINA_HOME/bin/catalina.sh that obtains the umask also needs to be uncommented.
Within Server elements add:

checkedOsUsers: A comma separated list of OS users that must not be used to start Tomcat. If not specified, the default value of root is used.

minimumUmask: The least restrictive umask that must be configured before Tomcat will start. If not specified, the default value of 0007 is used.

<Listener className='org.apache.catalina.security.SecurityListener' checkedOsUsers='alex,bob' minimumUmask='0007' />

Default Value:

The Security Lifecycle Listener is not enabled by default. For checkedOsUsers, the default value is root. For minimumUmask, the default value is 0007.

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