Ensure time synchronization is in use


System time should be synchronized between all systems in an environment. This is typically done by establishing an authoritative time server or set of servers and having all systems synchronize their clocks to them.


Time synchronization is important to support time sensitive security mechanisms like Kerberos and also ensures log files have consistent time records across the enterprise, which aids in forensic investigations.


On physical systems or virtual systems where host based time synchronization is not available install NTP or chrony using the appropriate package manager or manual installation:
To install chrony:
Run one of the folloing commands:

# yum install chrony

To install ntp:
Run one of the following commands:

# yum install ntp

On virtual systems where host based time synchronization is available consult your virtualization software documentation and setup host based synchronization.


systemd-timesyncd is part of systemd. Some versions of systemd have been compiled without systemd-timesycnd. On these distributions, chrony or NTP should be used instead of systemd-timesycnd.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Security Technical Implementation Guide:

Version 2, Release: 3 Benchmark Date: 26 Apr 2019

Vul ID: V-72269

Rule ID: SV-86893r4_rule

STIG ID: RHEL-07-040500

Severity: CAT II

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References: 800-53|AU-8, CSCv7|6.1

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