3.3.35 /etc/inetd.conf - ftp

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This audit has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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This entry starts the ftpd daemon when required. This service is used for transferring files from/to a remote machine.

This ftp service is used to transfer files from or to a remote machine. The username and passwords are passed over the network in clear text and therefore insecurely. Unless required the ftpd daemon will be disabled.Many older legacy systems do not support SSH and still required ftp as a service for data copying. If this is not required it is recommended that ftp is disabled and sftp is used as a replacement file and directory copying mechanism.


In /etc/inetd.conf, comment out the ftp entry-

chsubserver -r inetd -C /etc/inetd.conf -d -v 'ftp' -p 'tcp6'

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