Login banner - banner exec


Setting a banner to be displayed during the login process notifies users that unauthorized use is prohibited, and that access to and use of the system may be monitored and logged.


TThe following is an example of creating a "message of the day" (MOTD) banner that will be displayed when a user connects to the switch, prior to logging in (using the ^ character to denote the end of the banner):

switch(config)# banner motd ^Enter TEXT message. End with the character '^'
switch(config-banner-motd)# This system is for authorized use only. Unauthorized or improper
switch(config-banner-motd)# use of this system may result in civil or criminal penalties. By
switch(config-banner-motd)# continuing to use this system you acknowledge your consent to
switch(config-banner-motd)# these conditions of use.switch(config-banner-motd)# ^

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References: 800-53|AC-8

Plugin: ArubaOS

Control ID: 926d9060ab42f732175752e2f13b8040fef679d24ebecde273cf64ed2643ba70