SANS Inaugural Health Care IT Security Survey – October 2013

For perspective on the current state of health care IT security, the SANS Institute completed a detailed industry-specific survey in September 2013. Based input from 373 respondents representing mostly US-based health care provider organizations, findings were analyzed and published in a report co-sponsored by Tenable Network Security, titled, SANS Inaugural Health Care Security Survey.

OÖ.LKUF Austria

Vom schnellen, aber Report-schwachen Scannen zur automatisierten, kostensparenden Enterprise-Lösung: Die Ober-Österreichische Lehrer-Kranken- und Unfallfürsorge hat sich mit der neuen Vulnerability Management-Plattform „Security Center“ ein Rezept für weniger Sicherheitsschwächen und mehr Datensicherheit ausgestellt.

OÖ.LKUF Austria

From fast, but weekly reporting scanners to an automated, cost-saving enterprise solution: The Ober-Österreichische. Lehrer-Kranken- und Unfallfürsorge (OÖ.LKUF) institution has deployed a concept for fewer vulnerabilities and better information security using the new vulnerability management platform “SecurityCenter”.

Real-Time Compliance Monitoring

Tenable Network Security, Inc. serves customers worldwide and each of our customers has a unique set of audit and compliance requirements. This paper provides insights gained from Tenable's customers on measuring and reporting compliance audit issues in a wide variety of industries.


With sales of $137. billion in fiscal 2014, McKesson Corporation (NYSE: MCK) is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world — providing medicines, pharmaceutical supplies, information, and care management products and services across the healthcare industry. McKesson has more than 50 global offices and employs more than 32,500 people.

Tenable Product Evaluation Guide for HIPAA

Purchasers of security compliance solutions require a time efficient evaluation period to maximize the use of their resources. This document highlights features of Tenable products that apply to the standards and implementation specifications of the HIPAA Security Rule. Tenable maintains dedicated regionalized sales teams to assist in technical and non-technical issues during an evaluation period.

Application Note: HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the catalyst for change in healthcare. Enacted on August 21, 1996, its purpose is to enable better access to health insurance, reduce fraud and abuse, and lower the overall cost of healthcare in the United States. Title 1, the first to be defined, protects health insurance coverage for workers when they change or lose their jobs. Title 2, The Administrative Simplification provisions, define rules for privacy, transaction sets (primarily Electronic Data Interchange) and security.