Tenable Webinars

Reduce Security and Compliance Gaps with Continuous Security Monitoring

by Manish Patel on November 5, 2013

Register Now Date: November 7, 2013 Time: 2PM EST Speakers: Mike Rothman , President, Securosis Jack Daniel , Product Manager, Tenable Network Security Organizations are moving from “Periodic” scanning to “Continuous Monitoring” to protect their information assets from advanced threats and exposure from new technologies such as mobile and virtual systems. But, don’t assume that Continuous Monitoring just means more frequent scanning. Join Mike Rothman, President of Securosis, and Jack Daniel, Tenable Product Manager, as they discuss how to choose the right technology and focus on the key...

Agentless FDCC, USGCB and CyberScope Reporting Webinar - March 23 2:00 PM EST

by Ron Gula on March 7, 2011

I will be hosting a webinar that presents Tenable's strategy for agentless auditing and reporting of various US Government standards including FDCC, USGCB, CyberScope and a variety of DISA STIG specifications. The webinar will include: Nessus configuration and vulnerability assessment capabilities How to use the Passive Vulnerability Scanner to perform continuous monitoring Performing enterprise configuration audits for FDCC, USGCB and a variety of DISA STIG policies Working with XCCDF FDCC content and generating an FDCC report Creating CyberScope reports based on active or passive discovery...