Continuous Scanning, Better Vulnerability Metrics

by Ron Gula
November 12, 2013

Active scanning, for the most part, is a snapshot-in-time view of vulnerabilities that exist in an organization’s environment. In a typical organization, scans occur on a quarterly or even monthly basis. However, the scans only tell you what happened in that moment, not what happened in the intervening days between scans. By scanning more frequently (and introducing real-time, passive scanning), organizations will have more accurate metrics that show how long an detected vulnerability was present and when it was mitigated.

Tenable Announces SecurityCenter 4.7

by Manish Patel
August 29, 2013

Today, Tenable Network Security announces the release of SecurityCenter 4.7 with a first-of-its-kind security “app store” – a catalog of hundreds of apps that provide the latest intelligence for identifying advanced threats and compliance violations.  Available for free, these analytics are directly accessible from within the SecurityCenter console and offer extensive visibility for multiple teams – network, security, operations, and compliance.  The apps dramatically cut time and resources required to identify and respond to vulnerabilities,

Announcing the “Vulnerabilities Exposed” Webcast Series

by Paul Asadoorian
August 8, 2013

Jack Daniel and I will host the new "Vulnerabilities Exposed" webcast series. The first webcast will be held on August 27th at 2 pm EDT - "Reducing Your Patch Cycle to Less Than 5 Days." Read about the webcast series and register today.