Ranum's Rants

Cyberterror (Part II of a series)

by Marcus J. Ranum
May 7, 2008

Hello again!

In my last column, we looked at cybercrime and how its dynamics are subtly different from real-world crime. In this episode we're going to tackle a much tricker topic - namely cyberterror. Of all the cyber-badness that's out there, cyberterror is the most puzzling: if it's so gosh-darned lethal a threat, why haven't we seen any of it, yet?

CyberCrime, CyberTerror, CyberEspionage, and CyberWar

by Marcus J. Ranum
March 20, 2008


In this column, and in subsequent columns, I am going to develop a set of themes about cyber-stuff. We've all heard a great deal of kerfluffle about cyberterror or cyberwar, but - what, really, is it? It turns out that the terms are being bandied about very loosely and are often used interchangeably in ways that are advantageous to the speaker and confusing to the listener.