Hacker Court 2008 Post Mortem

by Carole Fennelly
August 21, 2008

Another Black Hat conference for the record books! It’s traditional for me to have a panic attack on the eve of Black Hat, trying to pull the Hacker Court team together to work on our presentation (“Hack MyFace”) and swearing I’m never doing this again. This year was even worse: the defendant, Simple Nomad, and the judge, Richard Salgado, both had to cancel at the last minute.

Hacker Court at Black Hat!

by Carole Fennelly
August 4, 2008

Hacker Court is once again returning to the Black Hat Briefings! For our seventh Black Hat presentation, we will be conducting a mock court trial focused on the issues of entrapment, journalist privilege and wiretapping, titled "Hack MyFace."

What is "Hacker Court?"

Hacker Court is a loose organization of attorneys, security professionals and hackers with the goal of demonstrating the dynamics, frustrations and complexity of computer crime trials.

Phishing Webinar with White Hat World

by Ron Gula
July 16, 2008

I will be participating today in a White Hat World "Thought Leadership Roundtable Webcast" today at 2:00 PM EST on the topic of Phishing. Other panel members include representatives from Secure Computing, SonicWall, and Missing Link Security Services. To register for the event or watch the recorded session after it occurs, please use the following link:

Marcus Ranum in Europe

by Ron Gula
April 18, 2008

For those readers that are located in Europe, Marcus Ranum, Tenable’s CSO, will be speaking at two events in Q2 of 2008:


Upcoming Conferences and Speaking Engagements

by Ron Gula
August 24, 2007

There are a few events occurring before the end of the year that Tenable will be participating in:

2007 DHS Security Conference and Workshop
Baltimore Maryland, August 27-30, 2007
I will be speaking at 3:45 this Monday, August 27 about how configuration management changes the way network security monitoring and incident response occur in non-obvious manners. Many of these sessions are only open to the US government.

Marcus Ranum Presentation - Six Dumbest Ideas in Network Security

by Ron Gula
December 11, 2006

Tenable's CSO, Marcus Ranum, discusses many of the trends, assumptions and misconceptions about computer security facing us today. Mr. Ranum discusses why security mechanisms fail and why it is such a hard state to be "secure". Slides and audio are available below:

Slides [PDF]
Audio [MP3]