Mobile Devices, USB Devices & Wireless

Mobile Summary Report

by Cody Dumont
October 10, 2013

This report provides an executive summary of the current Mobile Device Management (MDM) status. The report was created using the new features within SecurityCenter 4.7 and the features within Nessus to collect mobile data from the MDM solution.

Microsoft Windows Wireless Network History

by Cody Dumont
May 9, 2013

 Microsoft Windows Network History Screen Shot
Using the Nessus plugin 66350 "Microsoft Windows Wireless Network History", this report tracks the networks a Windows computer has connected too. This reporting is possible via the Network Location Awareness (NLA) registry entries. NLA collects the network information available to the computer and generates a globally unique identifier (GUID) to identify each network.

USB Device Auditing and Realtime Monitoring

by Dave Breslin
April 18, 2012


This report template was designed to detail USB drive usage. For information on how the Tenable USM product suite produces the data for the template the YouTube video SecurityCenter 4.2 USB Device Auditing is very informative. The Tenable blog post USB Device History Auditing with Nessus is also a good source of information. The sample above was cut from one of three chapters in the template and depicts several USB drive insertions and removals on a handful of servers over the last 24 hours. To see a full report use the download example link.