Configuration & Patch Auditing

Consolidation Report for Missing Patches

by Cody Dumont
May 8, 2013

Missing Patch report Detail
This report uses the new Nessus “Patch Report” plugin (ID #66334) and will provide a consolidated missing patch report for each host within the network. The report uses the iterator grouping element to loop through each host of the network and provide a detailed missing patch report for each system identified by the plugin.

HIPAA Monitoring Report

by Dave Breslin
March 13, 2013

This report template groups configuration check results as they relate to the HIPAA Security Rule; specifically, subparts 164.308 and 164.312 in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) under Public Welfare,Title 45.

Linux Daemons with Broken Links

by Dave Breslin
February 27, 2013

Nessus plugin ID 44657 (Linux Daemons with Broken Links to Executables) checks for daemons with missing program files on disk. This report template leverages this plugin output to identify misconfigured Linux hosts.

Scientific Linux Systems Summary

by Randal T. Rioux
September 25, 2012


Recently, Tenable added support for local security checks for the Scientific Linux operating system. This new family of plugins was developed to provide checks for the SL security updates (SLSU), which gives you a centralized view into your SL installation base.

Software Inventory

by Dave Breslin
April 24, 2012


Three templates have been provided to list software installed on Windows, UNIX and Linux hosts. The sample above was cut from one of three chapters produced by the "Software Inventory" template and summarizes several unsupported software issues. To see a full report use the appropriate download example link.

MS12-020 Vulnerability Tracking

by Dave Breslin
April 3, 2012


This report template was designed to track the MS12-020 security bulletin vulnerability. The sample above was cut from one of four chapters in the template and depicts the successful progress of patch and mitigation processes by the downward trend of vulnerability results. To see a full report use the download example link.