Configuration & Patch Auditing

Tracking Microsoft Security Bulletins Detailed Reports

by Cody Dumont
July 17, 2014

Tracking Microsoft Security Bulletins Detailed Reports ScreenShot
One of the most difficult tasks in information security is patch management. SecurityCenter customers have an advantage over other IT professionals; this report can help IT professionals understand the true state of Microsoft patch management.

MAS TRM Guidelines Report

by David Schwalenberg
July 9, 2014

MAS TRM Guidelines Report Screenshot
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) published new Technology Risk Management (TRM) Guidelines in June 2013. The MAS TRM Guidelines report provides a high-level overview of information relevant to specific sections in the TRM Guidelines. The applicable sections of the TRM Guidelines are noted for each component in the report.

PCI Configuration Report

by Josef Weiss
April 1, 2014

This report template leverages Nessus PCI system configuration results to track which PCI DSS requirements are compliant or non-compliant.

If you need to track which PCI requirements your group is compliant with and you are performing credentialed Nessus configuration audits of your systems, then this SecurityCenter report template can be used to track which requirements are currently being met or not.

Council on CyberSecurity - Critical Security Controls Report

by Cody Dumont
March 18, 2014

Council on CyberSecurity Critical Security Controls Report
This report covers many controls found in the Council on CyberSecurity 20 Critical Security Controls. As published by Council on CyberSecurity, the goal of the 20 Critical Security Controls is to protect assets, infrastructure, and information by strengthening your organization’s defensive posture through continuous automated protection and monitoring.

Compliance Summary Report

by Cody Dumont
February 27, 2014

 Compliance Summary Screen Shot
This report provides a template for reporting on 13 compliance standards. Each compliance standard is summarized with historic matrix, host summary table, and the compliance check summary table. The report is designed to provide a full report or a subset of reporting. The compliance officer or security manager can import this report using the app feed, and by selecting the specific chapters, the report can be easily customized.

CIP-002 Identification of Critical Cyber Assets Report

by Cody Dumont
January 23, 2014

CIP-002 Identification of Critical Cyber Assets Screen Shot
For organizations that are required to be NERC compliant, SecurityCenter can lead the way to compliance. The first focus area is the “Identification of Critical Cyber Assets”. SecurityCenter uses Log Correlation Engine (LCE), Passive Vulnerability Scanner (PVS), and Nessus to identify the assets. When using the complete Tenable family of products, an organization can easily identify all critical assets and all associated assets.

Unsupported OS Report

by Josef Weiss
December 19, 2013

This report displays details on any unsupported operating systems that have been found in your environment via Nessus scanning. It utilizes user customizable Dynamic Asset Lists that must be enabled and configured by the analyst prior to running this report.

Remediation Instructions Report by Host

by Cody Dumont
December 3, 2013

Remediation Instructions Report by Host Screen Shot
This Remediation Report provides detailed instructions to resolve vulnerabilities on the top 20 most vulnerable systems tracked within SecurityCenter. The report is organized by the plugin type (Active, Passive, and Compliance).