Mobile Devices, USB Devices & Wireless

MDM Discovered Dashboard

by Cody Dumont
October 1, 2013

MDM Discovered Dashboard Screenshot
This dashboard provides a series of indicator components that show the discovered dates for devices in the mobile repositories. Nessus and SecurityCenter support scanning mobile devices using MDM solutions. The supported MDM solutions are currently Apple Profile Manager, Microsoft ActiveSync, and Good for Enterprise.

Mobile Device Vulnerability

by Cody Dumont
September 26, 2013

Mobile Device Vulnerability Screenshot
This dashboard provides an executive summary of the current Mobile Device Management (MDM) status. The dashboard was created using the new features within SecurityCenter 4.7 and the features within Nessus to collect mobile data from the MDM solution.

Tracking Device Types by Network

by Ron Gula
September 20, 2013

Nessus's operating system identification process generically identifies the type of device being scanned. This data can be used to create dashboards and trends of various device types for your network. 

Windows SSID Monitoring

by Dave Breslin
April 1, 2013

This dashboard provides a summary of Windows hosts that have active wireless network connections.

Nessus plugin ID 25197 results are used to populate the dashboard components. The plugin reports the SSID and network card being used for an active wireless network connection. Plugin 25197 is a Nessus credentialed check. It does not require an agent to be deployed on Windows hosts to execute successfully.

Detecting New Hardware by Ethernet Address

by Ron Gula
June 1, 2011


Ethernet addresses are used in mobile devices, network nodes, routers and just about anything that communicates on a network. Automatic recognition of new Ethernet addresses can be used to identify new hardware and network changes. 

USB Usage Tracking

by Ron Gula
May 31, 2011


This dashboard shows which assets have had USB devices connected to them at one point and also trends inserts and removals over the past 25 days.