Accounts, Authentication & Password Audits

Daily Usage Summary

by Michael Willison
June 27, 2014

Daily Usage Summary Dashboard screenshot
The Daily Usage Summary dashboard collects and displays daily information that the IT Security team should review frequently during the workday. These components are helpful in monitoring activity within the corporate network.

Council on CyberSecurity 20 Critical Security Controls Dashboard

by Cody Dumont
March 14, 2014

CSC Top 20 Dashboard
This dashboard displays many indicators of the Council on CyberSecurity 20 Critical Security Controls. As published by Council on CyberSecurity, the goal of the 20 Critical Security Controls is to protect assets, infrastructure, and information by strengthening your organization’s defensive posture through continuous automated protection and monitoring. This SecurityCenter Dashboard is comprised of one dashboard with 15 individual components that provide insight to nearly 50 items that directly correlate to the Council on CyberSecurity 20 Critical Security Controls.

IT-Grundschutz BSI-100-2 Dashboard

by Josef Weiss
June 19, 2013

Required - IT-Grundschutz BSI-100-2 audit file, Nessus, and SecurityCenter 4.6 or higher

The IT-Grundschutz Standards and Catalogues are a set of recommendations designed to assist an organization in achieving an appropriate security level for information throughout an organization. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Germany develops and maintains the BSI Standards, of which IT-Grundschutz is a part, with the providing methods, processes, procedures, and approaches to information security management, risk analysis, and business continuity management.