Advanced Persistent Threats & Malicious Software

Threat Intelligence

by Cody Dumont
July 1, 2014

Threat Intelligence Screen Shot
The hunt for vulnerabilities is an ongoing and never-ending effort, however for SecurityCenter users there is a new weapon in this battle. The new weapon is threat intelligence provided by ThreatGRID.

HeartBleed Dashboard

by Cody Dumont
April 10, 2014

HeartBleed Dashboard Screenshot
This dashboard reports on the newly identified HeartBleed vulnerability. Using all the tools available to SecurityCenter users, Tenable has several methods of identifying vulnerable systems.

Council on CyberSecurity 20 Critical Security Controls Dashboard

by Cody Dumont
March 14, 2014

CSC Top 20 Dashboard
This dashboard displays many indicators of the Council on CyberSecurity 20 Critical Security Controls. As published by Council on CyberSecurity, the goal of the 20 Critical Security Controls is to protect assets, infrastructure, and information by strengthening your organization’s defensive posture through continuous automated protection and monitoring. This SecurityCenter Dashboard is comprised of one dashboard with 15 individual components that provide insight to nearly 50 items that directly correlate to the Council on CyberSecurity 20 Critical Security Controls.

Exploitable by Malware

by Cody Dumont
December 17, 2013

Exploitable by Malware
This dashboard provides a detailed view into the exploitability of your network. This series of components shows which vulnerabilities are exploitable by malware, and then compares the exploitability to attack frameworks.


by Ron Gula
March 19, 2013

This dashboard displays close to 100 different indicators of compromise and suspicious activity based on malicious file hashes, anomalies in network traffic, correlated attacks and much more.

Network Encryption Anomalies

by Ron Gula
October 30, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 11.26.08 AM

This dashboard helps identify network traffic that is encrypted and anomalistic by leveraging both the Passive Vulnerabiltiy Scanner and the Log Correlation Engine.