New in SecurityCenter 4.7

SecurityCenter™ 4.7 dramatically cuts time and expertise required to identify and respond to vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, advanced threats, and compliance violations.

Key features include:

  • Security "app store" with direct access to hundreds of advanced analytics.
  • Automatic delivery of new and updated analytics including pre-built dashboards, reports, and asset templates.
  • New and simpler framework for creating and updating dashboards and reports.
  • Extends mobile device coverage to track mobile device types, users, and vulnerabilities through active, passive scanning and MDM integration.
  • Remediation report summarizing vulnerabilities, most effective remediations, and as well as time to remediate.
  • Supports SCAP 1.2.  Users can upload and download SCAP files for use in scan jobs.
  • Accept and recast risk rules to suit your specific needs.

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Upgrade to 4.7
Security analytics app store

Security "App Store"

  • New analytics are automatically delivered as they are developed by Tenable researchers.
  • Searchable catalog provides easy access to analysts and auditors.
  • Components including dashboards, reports, dynamic asset list templates can be easily customized.
  • Eliminates need for custom tools or developing in-house scripts. No need to push to 3rd party event management tools. No need to manually download new dashboards and reports from a website.
Dashboard creation updates

Dashboard creation/updates

  • Simpler dashboard creation process with a new wizard and simpler workflow allows you to select the right dashboards or create custom views for reviewing analytics of importance to your teams
  • Tenable automatically delivers updated dashboards, dashboard components, and templates via the security "app store" without the need to manually download
  • Pre-configured groups, keyword searching, and context-based filtering eases selection of appropriate dashboards
Dashboard Creation/Updates

Report creation/updates

  • Similar to dashboards, a redesigned report creation process is available.
  • Use Tenable supplied templates or create your own custom reports to suit your needs.
  • Use prebuilt report templates or create a custom report with pluggable components most suitable for your teams.
  • Pre-configured groups, keyword searching, and context-based filtering.
  • Security "app store" provides direct access to library of pre-built reports, new reports, and pluggable components as developed by Tenable researchers.
Create reports from dashboards

Create reports from dashboards

  • Users can now export dashboards to create a report
  • You can view and choose the right dashboard details and components. Then, convert the final dashboard to a report
  • Share the report with key teams or personnel in your organization
  • Offers extreme flexibility not found in other solutions

Asset template update/addition

  • Pre-built and dynamic asset templates are automatically delivered by Tenable
  • Can be used to expedite creation of policies, dashboards, and reports
  • New asset templates can be updated and added to by Tenable and immediately available via the security "app store"
  • With dynamic asset discovery provided by SecurityCenter, this capability offers most flexible and extensible asset management system in the market
Asset Template Update Addition
Mobile device auditing

Mobile Device Auditing

  • Identifies mobile devices and performs vulnerability analysis and reporting
  • Integration with MDMs extends visibility by extracting mobile vulnerability information for devices connected to Apple Profile Manager, Microsoft ActiveSync, and Good for Enterprise.
  • Allows tracking of mobile users, mobile device types, and mobile vulnerabilities - not just IP addresses
  • Patented passive monitoring capability allows 100% discovery of mobile devices connecting to your network and accessing your data – not possible with periodic scanning alone

Remediation Summary Tool

  • Identifies remediated vulnerabilities & risk reduction as well as track time to remediation
  • Considers all vulnerabilities currently being filtered on and then ranks by superseding patch
  • It does this dynamically such that for each unique patch, the rolling count of affected hosts, remediated CVEs and remediated vulnerabilities is reported on
  • Identifies vulnerabilities remediated, risk reduced, MS Bulletins remediated, CVEs remediated, and number of hosts affected
Remediation summary tool
SCAP files

SCAP files

  • SCAP files can be downloaded from NIST SCAP website and uploaded to SecurityCenter for use in scan jobs
  • User can download the raw OVAL/XCCDF results files after a scan completes or upload OVAL/XCCDF audit files as a new type and run a scan with OVAL/XCCDF files exactly like current audit files and browse the results
  • Supports filtering on an OVAL/XCCDF audit file

Other Features

  • User can manage accepted or re-casted rules
  • Create a report from scan results using a template
  • Blackout window will stop running scans during the blackout time period. Rollover will allow restart after 24 hours. This extends current ability to prevent new scans from starting.
Other features

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