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Nessus Overview

The versatile Nessus® vulnerability scanner provides patch, configuration, and compliance auditing; mobile, malware, and botnet discovery; sensitive data identification; and many other features.

With a continuously updated library of more than 60,000 plugins and the support of Tenable’s expert vulnerability research team, Nessus delivers accuracy to the marketplace. Nessus provides multi-scanner support, scales to serve the largest organizations, and is easy to deploy on premise or in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Heartbleed Resources

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From a complete set of Nessus remote and local checks, a policy wizard, to passive detection, log analysis, and real-time dashboards, Tenable provides a complete set of solutions to eliminate this pervasive vulnerability.

New in Nessus

Primary Nessus scanner to control multiple secondary scanners, schedule internal scans, and view scan findings. Simplified view of scan findings, affected hosts, and compliance status with one-click access to host details.

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Largest Collection of Network Security Checks

Whether you're familiar with the network you're scanning or auditing the unknown, and whether or not you have credentials, Nessus has you covered. Nessus will identify hosts and list vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on the network.


Broad Asset Coverage & Profiling

Discovers a wide variety of physical and virtual devices on your corporate network and identifies the operating systems, applications, databases, and services running on those assets.

mobile device

Mobile Device Auditing

Integrates with Apple® Profile Manager, Microsoft® Exchange via Active Directory®, and Good Technology™ Good for Enterprise to provide a comprehensive view of an organization’s mobile/BYOD environment and its vulnerability status.

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Botnet/Malicious Process/Anti-virus Auditing

Detect known or suspicious malicious processes and botnets. Nessus enhances an organization's anti-virus strategy by red-flagging threats that often slip through the cracks, helping fight malware and advanced persistent threat (APT).

patch management

Patch Management Integration

Integrates with patch management systems – IBM® Tivoli® Endpoint Manager (TEM) for Patch Management, Microsoft® SCCM, Microsoft® WSUS, Red Hat® Network Satellite Server, and VMware® Go – to retrieve status information for devices being managed by those systems.

sensitive content

Sensitive Content Auditing

Performs agentless content audits of Windows- and UNIX-based systems to identify sensitive information (PII - credit cards, SSNs; “Top Secret”; employee data) and adult content. Use Nessus to audit and enforce policies that lower your organization's risk of breach or data loss.


SCADA/Control Systems Auditing

Using SCADA plugins available through a partnership with Digital Bond, Nessus scans SCADA devices to find known and newly-discovered vulnerabilities. Nessus also audits compliance with configuration policies and best practices for SCADA environments.

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Try PVS with Nessus for Complete Coverage

The real-time monitoring of the Passive Vulnerability Scanner™ (PVS™) complements the active scanning of Nessus to provide continuous network evaluation and eliminate security gaps between scans.

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Extensive Configuration & Compliance Auditing

Nessus performs configuration scans of servers, network devices, SCADA systems, and databases to test for specific policy settings. Use Nessus to help eliminate fines and audit findings, as well as check for internal compliance.

Nessus Audits:

  • Anti-virus vendor audits
  • CERT recommendations
  • CIS and NSA best practice guides
  • GLBA guidelines
  • HIPAA profiles
  • NIST SCAP and FDCC content
  • PCI configuration requirements
  • Recommended vendor settings
  • Check Point firewall configurations
  • Cisco router and firewall configurations
  • Juniper router, firewall, and network switch configurations
  • Palo Alto Networks firewall configurations
  • And more

Multi-scanner Support, Post-scan Analysis, & Customized Monitoring

Nessus provides users with multi-scanner control, email notifications of scan results, a remediation report, enhanced post-scan analysis tools, vulnerability modifications, and suggestions for more complete audits.


Multi-scanner Support

Organizations with multiple Nessus scanners for different network segments and geographical locations can control all their scanners from one place. Configure a primary Nessus scanner on premise or in the cloud (Nessus Perimeter Service) to control multiple secondary scanners, schedule internal scans, and view scan findings.

Remediation Report

Remediation Report

Providing an actionable list to help with remediation efforts, Nessus summarizes the actions to take to address the largest quantity of vulnerabilities on the network. The report is included in scan summary email notifications, as a report chapter, and on the Remediations tab in the user interface.


Targeted Email Notifications

Nessus can send an email summary of completed scan results and remediation recommendations to selected recipients. For individual scans or in conjunction with scan scheduling, Nessus can monitor for specific conditions and deliver findings to the right people.


Attachments Stored in Scan Reports

Scan results contain remote screenshots via RDP and VNC, as well as “pictures” of scanned websites, providing easy access to supporting information for post-scan vulnerability analysis and documentation.


Vulnerability Modifications

Change the severity of findings or suppress them for a single host, a single scan, all future scans, or a specific time period. When combined with other Nessus features, users enhance the power of Nessus for daily vulnerability management.

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Built-in Scanning Recommendations

Every network is different, and tuning your Nessus scan policy can yield great results. Nessus analyzes the scan results for your environment and the scan settings that were used, and then suggests improvements for a more complete audit.

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