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Tenable publishes details of new product features and technical specifications through the systematic update of Nessus documentation. As a service to our international customers, Nessus documentation is also made available in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese.


  • Nessus 6.2 Installation and Configuration Guide

    The installation, operation, and configuration of the Nessus vulnerability scanner. (Last Updated January 20, 2015.)

  • Nessus 6.2 User Guide

    Describes use of the Nessus vulnerability scanner including scan configuration and reporting. (Last Updated January 20, 2015.)

  • Nessus Enterprise Cloud 6.1 User Guide

    Describes use of Nessus Enterprise Cloud and includes subscription and activation, vulnerability scanning, compliance reporting, and Nessus Enterprise Cloud support (Last Updated January 5, 2015.)

  • Nessus 6.2 Command Line Reference

    Describes the command line tools of Tenable Network Security's Nessus 6.2 vulnerability scanner. (Last Updated January 20, 2015.)

  • Nessus Enterprise for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Installation and Configuration Guide

    Describes how to use Tenable Network Security’s Nessus Enterprise for AWS (Amazon Web Services). (Last Updated July 16, 2014.)

  • Nessus v6 SCAP Assessments

    Describes how to use Tenable's Nessus to generate SCAP content audits as well as view and export the scan results. (Last Updated November 18, 2014.)

  • Nessus and Antivirus

    Outlines how several popular security software packages interact with Nessus, and provides tips or workarounds to allow the software to better co-exist without compromising your security or hindering your vulnerability scanning efforts. (Last Updated January 31, 2014.)

  • Nessus and Mobile Device Scanning

    Describes how Nessus integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and mobile device management servers to identify mobile devices in use on the network. (Last Updated November 7, 2014.)

  • Nessus and Scanning Virtual Machines

    Describes how Tenable Network Security's Nessus vulnerability scanner can be used to audit the configuration of virtual platforms as well as the software that is running on them. (Last Updated November 11, 2014.)

  • Strategic Anti-malware Monitoring with Nessus, PVS, and LCE

    Describes how Tenable's SecurityCenter CV Architecture platform can detect a variety of malicious software and identify and determine the extent of malware infections. (Last Updated August 2, 2012.)

  • Nessus Credential Checks for Unix and Windows

    Nessus can not only perform remote security checks of Unix hosts and Windows hosts, but with proper credentials it can also log into them to enumerate the list of missing patches. This document explains how to configure your network and Nessus to perform a complete vulnerability scan. (Last Updated November 24, 2014.)

  • Patch Management Integration

    This document describes how Nessus and SecurityCenter can leverage credentials on the Red Hat Network Satellite, IBM TEM (formerly BigFix), Dell KACE 1000, and Microsoft WSUS and SCCM patch management systems to perform patch auditing on systems for which credentials may not be available to the Nessus scanner. (Last Updated November 11, 2014.)

  • Nessus Compliance Checks

    This paper discusses what sort of configuration parameters and sensitive data can be audited, how to configure Nessus to perform these audits and how Tenable's SecurityCenter can be used to manage and automate this process. There is also information on how to use the various tools available to create audit policies. (Last Updated January 20, 2015.)

  • Nessus Compliance Checks Reference

    This paper discusses the Nessus compliance language syntax and provides examples for those wishing to write their own audit files. (Last Updated January 20, 2015.)

  • Tenable Products Plugin Families

    This document provides a description and summary of the plugin families for Nessus, Log Correlation Engine, and the Passive Vulnerability Scanner. (Last updated October 3, 2013.)

  • Nessus 5.0 REST Protocol Specification

    This document describes the REST protocol and interface in Nessus 5.0. (Last Updated May 13, 2014.)

  • Nessus v2 File Format

    This document explains how the .nessus v2 file format (which is XML-based) is set up and can help you process .nessus v2 files with your own tools. (Last Updated October 15, 2013.)

  • Tenable Appliance 3.2 Guide

    This document describes the installation, operation, and configuration of the Tenable Appliance 3.2. (Last Updated December 22, 2014.)