Plugins: General

VMware Workstation 10.x < 10.0.6 RPC Command DoS (VMSA-2015-0004) (Linux)

VMware Player 6.x < 6.0.6 RPC Command DoS (VMSA-2015-0004) (Linux)

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Detection

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Mount 6.1.x < Multiple Vulnerabilities

VMware Workstation 10.x < 10.0.5 Multiple Vulnerabilities (VMSA-2015-0001) (Linux)

VMware Player 6.x < 6.0.5 Multiple Vulnerabilities (VMSA-2015-0001) (Linux)

PolarSSL 'asn1_get_sequence_of' Function Uninitialized Pointer RCE

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server 6.2 < 6.2.7 / 6.3 < 6.3.5 / 7.1 < 7.1.1 GSKit X.509 Certificate Chain DoS

PolarSSL Weak Signature Algorithm Negotiation

IPMI v2.0 Password Hash Disclosure

TLS Padding Oracle Information Disclosure Vulnerability (TLS POODLE)

SIP Script Remote Command Execution via Shellshock

SSLv3 Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption Vulnerability (POODLE)

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server 6.3.x < Information Disclosure

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server 6.3.x < DoS

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server 6.2.x < Multiple Vulnerabilities

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server 6.1.x Multiple Vulnerabilities

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server 5.5.x Multiple Vulnerabilities

VMware Workstation < 9.0.4 / 10.0.3 OpenSSL Library Multiple Vulnerabilities (Linux)

VMware Player < 5.0.4 / 6.0.3 OpenSSL Library Multiple Vulnerabilities (Linux)

IBM Global Security Kit 7 < / 8.0.14.x < / 8.0.50.x < Multiple Vulnerabilities (Linux)

IBM GSKit Installed (Linux)

VMware Workstation 10.x < 10.0.2 Windows 8.1 Guest Privilege Escalation (VMSA-2014-0005) (Linux)

VMware Player 6.x < 6.0.2 Windows 8.1 Guest Privilege Escalation (VMSA-2014-0005) (Linux)

VMware Workstation 10.x < 10.0.2 OpenSSL Library Multiple Vulnerabilities (VMSA-2014-0004) (Heartbleed) (Linux)

VMware Player 6.x < 6.0.2 OpenSSL Library Multiple Vulnerabilities (VMSA-2014-0004) (Heartbleed) (Linux)

SSL Certificate Chain Contains RSA Keys Less Than 2048 bits (PCI DSS)

Anonymous SFTP Enabled

SFTP Supported

Certificate Revocation List Expiry

IBM Global Security Kit 7 < / 8 < DoS

SAProuter Remote Authentication Bypass (Note 1853140)

memcached < 1.4.17 Multiple Vulnerabilities

HP B-series SAN Network Advisor < 12.1.1 Remote Code Execution (Linux)

HP B-series SAN Network Advisor Installed (Linux)

IPMI Versions Supported

VMware Workstation 9.x < 9.0.1 VMX Process DoS (VMSA-2014-0001) (Linux)

VMware Player 5.x < 5.0.1 VMX Process DoS (VMSA-2014-0001) (Linux)

SuperMicro Device Uses Default SSL Certificate

SuperMicro Device Uses Default SSH Host Key

VMware Workstation 9.x < 9.0.3 Multiple Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities (VMSA-2013-0013 / VMSA-2013-0014)

VMware Workstation for Linux Installed

VMware Player 5.x < 5.0.3 Host Privilege Escalation (VMSA-2013-0013)

VMware Player for Linux Installed

MIT Kerberos 5 setup_server_realm() Remote DoS

SSL Cipher Block Chaining Cipher Suites Supported

Alcatel OmniSwitch Default Credentials (telnet)

ICAP Server Type and Version

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch Series Agranat-Embweb Management Server Session Cookie Handling Remote Overflow

SSL Certificate Chain Contains RSA Keys Less Than 2048 bits

HP LaserJet PJL Interface Directory Traversal (HPSBPI02575)

OS Identification : NETCONF Over SSH

IPMI Cipher Suites Supported

IPMI Cipher Suite Zero Authentication Bypass

IBM GSKit 7.x < / 8.0.14.x < TLS Side-Channel Timing Information Disclosure

SSL Null Cipher Suites Supported

Patch Report

Unix Operating System on Extended Support

RDP Screenshot

SSL RC4 Cipher Suites Supported

OS Identification : Miscellaneous Methods

KSplice : Installed Patches

SSHD libkeyutils Backdoor

Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Detection (Unix)

APT1-Related SSL Certificate Detected

Netstat Connection Information

Well-Known Ruby on Rails Secret Token Used on Remote Application

Patch Management Auditing Satisfied

Patch Management Windows Auditing Conflicts

SSL Certificate Chain Contains Illegitimate TURKTRUST Intermediate CA

SSL Certificate Signed with the Compromised FortiGate Key

Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Aggressive Mode with Pre-Shared Key

IBM Tivoli Directory Server TLS NULL Cipher (uncredentialed check)

RuggedCom RuggedOS Known Hardcoded SSL RSA Private Key

Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol CRIME Vulnerability

TLS Next Protocols Supported

SSL Compression Methods Supported

EMC AutoStart ftAgent Version Detection

SSL Certificate Signed with the Publicly Known Cyberoam Key

SSL Certificate Chain Contains Weak RSA Keys

Vulnerability in TLS Could Allow Information Disclosure (2655992) (uncredentialed check)

IBM AIX TCP Large Send Denial of Service Vulnerability

Active Inbound Connection From Host Listed in Known Bot Database

Network UPS Tools Detection

SSL Resume With Different Cipher Issue

SSL/TLS Protocol Initialization Vector Implementation Information Disclosure Vulnerability (BEAST)

OS Identification : NativeLanManager

Active Outbound Connection to Host Listed in Known Bot Database

DNS Server Listed in Known Bot Database

OS Identification : LDAP

OS Identification : SMTP

Backported Security Patch Detection (SMTP)

Small SSH RSA Key

SSL Self-Signed Certificate

SSL Certificate Chain Analysis

Cyrus IMAPd NNTP AUTHINFO USER Command Parsing Authentication Bypass

SSL Perfect Forward Secrecy Cipher Suites Supported

SSL / TLS Versions Supported

Dropbox Software Detection (uncredentialed check)

Dropbox Software Detection (listener)

SSL Certificate Chain Contains Unnecessary Certificates

SSL Certificate Chain Not Sorted

Time of Last System Startup

SSL Certificate Fails to Adhere to Basic Constraints / Key Usage Extensions

Linux Kernel TCP Sequence Number Generation Security Weakness

SSL Certificate Signed with the Revoked DigiNotar Certificate Authority

Device Hostname

Device Type

SSL / TLS Renegotiation DoS

OS Identification : HNAP

SSL Server Accepts Weak Diffie-Hellman Keys

OS Identification : Apple Filing Protocol

Blacklisted SSL Certificate

Web Site Links to Malicious Content

Host is Listed in Known Bot Database

Unprotected memcached

OS Identification : UPnP


OpenSSL SSL_OP_NETSCAPE_REUSE_CIPHER_CHANGE_BUG Session Resume Ciphersuite Downgrade Issue

SSL Session Resume Supported

OS Identification : SNMP hrSWInstalledName

Well-known SSL Certificate Used in Remote Device

SSL Certificate Cannot Be Trusted

OS Identification : SSL Certificates

OS Identification : SIP

OS Identification Failed

VirtualBox Virtual Machine detection (dmidecode)

VirtualPC Virtual Machine detection (dmidecode)

VMware Virtual Machine detection (dmidecode)

Additional DNS Hostnames

Common Platform Enumeration (CPE)

Memory Information (via DMI)

Processor Information (via DMI)

SSL Certificate with Wrong Hostname

SSL Certificate commonName Mismatch

Reachable IPv6 address

ICMP Node Information Query Information Disclosure

OS Identification : SNMP sysObjectID

SSL Certificate Expiry - Future Expiry

SSL Certificate Expiry - Future Validity

SSL / TLS Renegotiation Handshakes MiTM Plaintext Data Injection

SSL Medium Strength Cipher Suites Supported

NNTP Service STARTTLS Command Support

ACAP Service STARTTLS Command Support

SSL Certificate Null Character Spoofing Weakness

Backported Security Patch Detection (WWW)

Backported Security Patch Detection (SSH)

Backported Security Patch Detection (FTP)

News Server (NNTP) Anonymous Read Access

OS Identification : HTML

OS Identification : FTP

System Information Enumeration (via DMI)

SSL Certificate Signed using Weak Hashing Algorithm

BIOS version (SSH)

BIOS Version Information (via SMB)

Unsupported Unix Operating System

Enumerate MAC Addresses via SSH

OS Identification : Telnet

Solaris Installed Package Enumeration (credentialed check)

OS Identification : RDP

SSL Weak Cipher Suites Supported

OS Identification : Linux Distribution

OS Identification : SSH

OS Identification : SMB

OS Identification : Unix uname

OS Identification : SinFP

OS Identification : ICMP

OS Identification : MSRPC

OS Identification : HTTP

OS Identification : SNMP

OS Identification : mDNS

OS Identification : NTP

TCP/IP Timestamps Supported

Enumerate IPv4 Interfaces via SSH

Enumerate IPv6 Interfaces via SSH

Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Detection

Software Enumeration (SSH)

SSL Cipher Suites Supported

ICMP Domain Name Request

VMware Virtual Machine Detection

Linux Kernel UDP Implementation IP Identification Field Remote OS Disclosure

News Server (NNTP) Anonymous Read / Write Access

SSL Certificate Expiry

IP Protocols Scan

identd Service UID Association

External Scanner Service Identification

Record Route

Host Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) Resolution

OS Identification

TCP/IP Initial Sequence Number (ISN) Reuse Weakness

News Server (NNTP) Information Disclosure

Wireless Access Point Detection

Open Port Re-check

SSH Protocol Version 1 Session Key Retrieval

SSH Protocol Versions Supported

SSL Certificate Information

LaBrea Tarpitted Host Detection

Generic Overflow Detection

TCP/IP Predictable ISN (Initial Sequence Number) Generation Weakness

Traceroute Information

ICMP Timestamp Request Remote Date Disclosure

ICMP Netmask Request Information Disclosure