Higher Education Faces Unique Threats and Challenges

When it comes to maintaining security and visibility into network health, institutions of higher education face threats and challenges that go beyond the experience of most private-sector enterprises, including:

  • A culture of information sharing that runs counter to IT security principles
  • Budget and staffing constraints
  • An unusually diverse operating environment, with hostile dorm networks, to systems hosting academic records, protected healthcare data, high-value intellectual property, financial records and other PII
  • BYOD and unmanaged device proliferation
  • Laboratory equipment, medical devices, industrial control systems and other sensitive systems that cannot be evaluated by traditional active vulnerability scanners
University building

“We’re taking our security to the next level. We’re uncovering events that we’ve never been able to see in the past, and we’re now able to quickly report back to senior management on the status of the network.”

Mark Welton, Network Security Supervisor,
Youngstown State University

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Trusted by Nearly 1,000 Institutions in Higher Education

To overcome these challenges, educational institutions need to manage IT security and auditing processes efficiently and effectively. Today, nearly 1,000 colleges, universities and research institutes around the world rely on Tenable Network Security to make this happen.

Gives Infosecurity Teams Peace of Mind

Tenable provides continuous network monitoring to identify vulnerabilities, reduce risk, and ensure compliance. The Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View™ platform covers all types of users and services, regardless of location, 100% of the time, so campus infosecurity teams can:

  • Reduce time and expense of auditing and complying with regulations, mandates, and guidelines including FERPA, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, and FISMA
  • Quickly and easily identify misconfigured machines, unpatched vulnerabilities, and other security risks
  • Identify unmanaged mobile devices in real-time as they connect to the network and proactively assess their risk
  • Improve security posture with automated log collection, aggregation and analysis
  • Accelerate incident response with powerful forensics analytics, intuitive dashboards and automated response capabilities
  • Save hundreds of hours annually by proactively managing network updates, modifications, and security vulnerabilities

“Audits used to be a multi-day process for us, and now we can deliver audit results in the same day, which is saying a lot when your network is as complex as ours...”

David Buckley, Director of Security Infrastructure,
Clemson University

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