Nessus VMware vCenter Patch Auditing Now Available

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Nessus supports vCenter integration, enabling patch checking for enterprise virtualization environments.

Recently, new plugins for Nessus were released which add support for VMware's vCenter product. Nessus users can now enter credentials for vCenter servers, allowing Nessus to perform patch audits against all of the ESXi servers being managed by vCenter. Configuring the scan simply requires a Nessus policy to be created with the appropriate credentials:

Vcenter settings sm

In "Preferences" choose the new option for "VMware vCenter SOAP API Settings," entering the IP address/hostname of your vCenter server, the management port, and credentials.

Once the vCenter server is scanned, vulnerability results will be collected for all ESXi servers being managed:

Vcenter totalresults sm

Searching for "VMSA" in the results provides a list of all patches missing from your VMware ESXi servers being managed by vCenter.

Vcenter results sm

Above is an individual vulnerability reported by Nessus using the new vCenter support.

To receive this new feature, Nessus ProfessionalFeed and SecurityCenter customers simply need to update their Nessus plugin feeds. If you have questions, please visit the Tenable Support website or the Tenable Discussion Forums.

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